Anomaly #0046 -- Nikki Molenaar

"Anomaly #0046, Nikki Molenaar."

Agent Zero is talking into a microphone recording his voice via computer and storing it into The Storm Syndicate database. He likes his team members to record a narrative in their own voice, in addition to their written report, when they discover or learn more about an anomaly. It is his strongly held belief that audio recordings can convey ideas and emotions that the written word cannot always capture.

"We continue to investigate this anomaly on premises at Facility 47. As stated in previous narratives, the anomaly appears to be fully human, suffering from an as-yet unidentified parasite attachment in the area of her brain stem.

Anomaly #0046 reacts to normal human stimulation. She pulls her hand away from hot test material. She senses and accurately describes cold. She experiences appropriate human emotions based on circumstances. The means of testing and evaluating her emotional reactions shall be redacted from all but the File 1 (beyond top secret) version of the report.

Beginning File 1 report."

The computer screen changes color. "Fingerprint verification required" is heard in a slightly-electronic sounding female voice.

Zero removes his right glove and holds his index finger to the sensor.

"Fingerprint identified. Welcome, Agent Zero. Begin File 1 report."

"Agent Zero, chief of The Storm Syndicate. The time is now 1832 hours on January 30, 2020. File 1 report. Anomaly #0046, Nikki Molenaar."

"0046 was put through intense emotional and psychological evaluation on today's date.

Under the supervision of Dr. Rajish Singh, Storm Syndicate chief psychologist, 0046 was isolated in a cement block cell, and strapped to a metal chair bolted to the floor. A black hood was placed over her head, and she was told that she was too dangerous to be allowed out of the room, and would be held in these conditions for the rest of her natural life.

Objects in the room included a television sitting on a metal desk, approximately 10 feet in front of the subject. There were several Storm Syndicate team photos hanging on the walls, and there was a coffee maker and microwave on a table approximately 10 feet behind the subject.

As soon as 0046 was told she would be left in the cell, 4 of the 6 team photos fell off of the walls, shattering on the floor. When the cell door was closed, 0046 began to rock back and forth against her straps. This was considered a normal human reaction to her situation.

What was not normal, however, was the fact that the coffee pot flew, without any observable contact, and shattered on the back of 0046's metal chair. At this point, 0046 was able to grab a shard of class, and begin trying to cut her straps.

0046 began to yell loudly, again, consistent with normal human behavior.

As 0046's agitation level grew, more telekinesis was observed. The television flew off of the front table, rising approximately 2 feet above the height of the table before smashing on the floor approximately 3 feet from 0046.

The microwave behind 0046 also turned on and off repeatedly, and the door alternately opened and slammed closed.

At this point, Dr. Singh and I entered the room, removed 0046's hood, and removed her strap restraints. She was advised that this had been an experiment and that it had now concluded.

When the hood was first removed, 0046's parasite was bulging from the back of her neck significantly. However, it seemed as though once 0046 was advised this had simply been an experiment, the parasite 'relaxed' and became less pronounced.

Evaluation of 0046 continues. Further tests are scheduled, which will be updated in a future File 1 report. While 0046 exhibits most normal human female traits, she is also unpredictable. The extent to which the parasite controls this unpredictability is unknown at this time.

Agent Zero, chief of The Storm Syndicate. The time is now 1850 hours on January 30, 2020. End of File 1 report. Anomaly #0046, Nikki Molenaar."

Zero leaned back in his seat. He sighed a little as he replayed the events of the day in his head. Before he was ready to talk to anyone, Senior Researcher Damon Lyons entered the room.

"Damon," Zero said, turning his swivel chair to face his colleague. "How familiar are you with 0046?"

"I know of her. Parasite. Crazy. Makes stuff fly around."

Zero smiled behind his mask. "Yep. That's her. Goes by Nikki Molenaar when we let her roam the facility. Listen, Damon. I need you to do something for me. Put together a number of objects of varying density, consistency, color, surface, all of it. You can use existing materials...or you can show off and create some as well.

I want to test 0046 and see if there are objects that are easier or more difficult for her to move via telekinesis."

"I'm tracking you, Boss," Damon said. "Mission deadline?"

"We have full access to 0046 any time we want, so there's no real rush. Is a week enough time to put together a serious test for her?"

"More than enough," the former Army captain said with a nod. "Notify you when it's ready?"


"Consider it done."

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