Nikki had a bad day

Nikki raised her head and looked at her pillow. A blotchy smiley face was imprinted on the fabric in dark stains of snot and tears. She threw the pillow off the bed in frustration and sat up, wiping numbly at her face.

Most of her time at the Storm Syndicate facility was good. She'd got along well with several people there. She got to work on her psychology studies there, and though her room wasn't very big, it had a TV with Netflix, a decent laptop and a gaming console in there, and most of the time she was allowed to come and go as she pleased.

But days like today were the bad ones. Days where the doctors or directors or whoever decided she needed to be tortured in some way to invoke a response. Days like today made it hard to trust anyone connected to the medical team or anyone the medical team reported to, like that Agent Zero.

She grabbed her phone off the nightstand and opened the chat with Barbara, the IT girl.

> hey barb come c Peaky w/ me after shift? Bring ice cream, shit day :'(

She tossed the phone on the bed and stretched out a hand. The pillow floated tentatively out of the corner, hovered slowly towards her hand, then seemed to change its mind and made a beeline straight into her face. She sputtered, cursed and tossed the pillow back into the corner. Her hand went up the back of her neck. "Why won't you behave, Mr. Purple?" she asked, petting the pulsing purple sack. "Help me out?"

A calm came over her. She was getting used to the feeling, and it was a good feeling. Mr. Purple was getting easier to convince to calm down. She reached out again, and yanked once with her mind. The pillow sailed through the air into her clutching hand. She couldn't help but yelp in joy. Dropping the pillow on the bed, she grabbed the phone and added:

> getting better though :)

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