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Summary: Shy and retiring, but with an inner core of stregth. Elizabeth desires to protect people from harm.

Elizabeth Cordelia Wooding

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Gender: female

Age: 14

Group: Students



Skills, Perks, Talents

Very Skilled at Violin and music, knowledge of history 14<=
languages English,French, Irish, Welsh
British Passport
Perfect Pitch
Strength (Challenged) 10<=
Dexterity (Excellent) 13<=
Constitution (Average) 11<=
Intelligence (Legendary) 14<=
Ego (Notable) 12<=
Presence (Challenged) 10<=*
Perception 14<=
Attacking base 17-dcv (6ocv+11)<=


Red Lightning energy blasts from her hands. Elizabeth is surrounded by a red glow (force-field), and has the ability to teleport, stepping into a red disk and appearing elsewhere.
*additional powers are not known by her.

Physical Appearance

Short (5') and very slim. Pink eyes are seen thru round glasses. White straight long hair with bangs,the hair reaching to the start of her legs. Large pointed ears can be seen thru her hair.

Her appearance is neat and clean, but typically wearing older clothes. Can often be seen wearing a fedora.

Personality and interests

Elizabeth has little experience interacting with people, especially kids her own age. Shy and nervous in many social situations.


Elizabeth was born in Imber,England 14 years ago.At 4 years she was placed under guardianship of her uncle. Years later she was told that she was with her uncle because her parents died in a car crash. She spent the next years travelling with her uncle around the world.
Recently her uncle sent her to Liberty City and enrolment in the James Madison Academy.

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Image of Elizabeth Cordelia Wooding
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