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Summary: A young Japanese-American girl who loves the saxophone and lobs around magic.

Mio Tanaka

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Gender: Female

Age: 14

Group: Students



Skills, Perks, Talents

Very Skilled: Music (Saxophone)
Training in Akido and a small amount of Dirty Infighting (both from her father, a former Army Sergeant)
Languages: English, Japanese
US Passport
Eidetic Memory

Strength 10
Dexterity 12
Constitution 12
Intelligence 13
Ego 15
Presence 15


Mio’s powers come from the spells she’s learned from her grandmother’s grimoire. Her eidetic memory has allowed to memorize many of the spells therein, but she only understands a few.

Her three most powerful currently are blasts of magical energy, flight and summoning barriers (not encompassing shields). However, she does have a couple of minor spells that, though not capable of doing much in combat, are often useful in everyday situations. They are summoning a ball of light which is about as bright as a halogen flashlight and a minor enchantment that animates objects less than 5 pounds to do various chores (such as brooms to sweep or a sponge to scrub dishes). There are more spells memorized, but she has not yet unlocked the metaphysical understanding of what she has read, which prevents her from accessing the currently.

Physical Appearance

Mio is 5’2”, with slender build. She keeps her dark hair loose most of the time, where it reaches just past her shoulders. She is a bit of a clothes-horse, but they are practical outfits, rather than ostentatious for the most part. She is rarely without a pair of sunglasses on her person and her saxophone in its case, where she can get away with having it. Though she does enjoy the rather rebellious appearance the sunglasses provide, she wears them primarily when she plays her sax, finding it much easier to focus her mind on playing, rather than being distracted by looking around her.

Personality and interests

Mio is a friendly, easy-going individual, with a sarcastic wit. She does not tolerate bullies or those who want to hurt others solely for fun, and is not above standing up to a stronger individual on behalf of the weak. Her great love, however, is her saxophone and playing (as well as listening to) jazz.


Hikaru, Mio’s grandmother, grew up during World War II in a rather small and isolated village in Japan, where her mother taught her magic that had been passed down through many generations of women. After the War, Hikaru immigrated to the US where she met and married David Tanaka, a former victim of the Japanese interment camps. They, in turn, had a son Kenichi, or Ken. As Ken grew up, he noticed that unusual things seemed to happen around his mother. She spoke to the air and someone seemed to be listening though he never saw who it was. Things would be moved in the house, even though she and Ken might be the only ones there and Hikaru was in sight all the time. And what seemed odd to him was that occasionally people who Ken knew were considered quite influential in their neighborhood would visit and seemed to defer to his Hikaru, who he just considered to be a lovely housewife and mother. It wasn’t until his teens that he discovered that she was more or less a rather powerful mage and spiritualist.

Hikaru also had a gift for foresight, and, even before Ken began dating, had started to write her knowledge in a grimoire that she could pass down to her granddaughter. And when Ken joined the Army to pay for his electrical engineering degree, Hikaru had informed her son that he would meet his future wife while serving and that their daughter would be born on a specific date. Ken, despite having seen what his mother was capable of, had his doubts. At least until he met Jeanne Hiroshi, a civilian who was working on the base where he had been stationed in Virginia. They were married in less than a year after meeting, and, their daughter Mio was born on the date Hikaru had stated, less than a year later.

At that point, he never doubted his mother’s mystic prowess again.

Hikaru and David moved to be near their son after he had left the military and settled in Northern Virginia. It had taken a bit of convincing (not to mention a number of very visible displays of her power), but Hikaru managed to convince Jeanne of her intent to groom Mio as her successor. Mio, on the other hand, found an early love for music, especially the saxophone, which her father had learned to play while in the military. She was a quick learner, having a sizable repertoire by the age of seven. It turned out, though, that her skill was aided by a photographic memory, which, once Hikaru discovered Mio had it, her grandmother took advantage of in training Mio. However, her remarkable memory did not equate innate comprehension of magic. Mio did manage to learn several spells, a few more advanced and combat-oriented, but with her attention split between her mundane and music lessons, she was not advancing as fast as Hikaru would have preferred.

Thus, when an old acquaintance of Hikaru, who also happened to be a retired superhero, suggested that sending Mio to James Madison Academy, a school which had trained children with various super abilities, including magic, Hikaru, Ken and Jeanne seemed to have found the solution to helping Mio’s focus. It was shortly before leaving that Hikaru officially passed on her completed book of spells to Mio, telling the young woman that now it was her turn to fill its pages with new spells to pass on to her descendants.

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