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Summary: Socially shy, but intense in any competitive situations

Kurt William Brown

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Group: Students



Skills, Perks, Talents

Chess player, enjoys cooking especially pasta, & always wears an Arizona Diamondback baseball cap
speaks different ;languages



Physical Appearance

short, & average built for a 15 year old
red hair but in a crew cut

Personality and interests

shy& serious
chess player, cooking, & Board games
collects different team baseball caps


His father is in the Army, In an attempt to avoid being singled out as a " new kid " , he wears a local sports team. The latest base was tn Tucson. His Telekinesis was always mild until recently. A toddler was about to be bit by a rattlesnake and he was too far away. He used his power to pick the child up & bring him to his arms. When his father heard what happened, he used his military connections to find the academy.

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Image of Kurt William Brown
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