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Summary: Anti-social shy around boys and overly confident around girls.

Amiee Besson

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Group: Students



Skills, Perks, Talents

Can play the guitar and sing well. Can bend the elements.


Able to bend all four elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air)

Physical Appearance

Mid height (5'3) dark brown hair, Hazel eyes, scar along her right fore arm. Wears black most of the time. Wears glasses

Personality and interests

Can be rude, jealous and anti-social. Shy when around boys and overly confident around girls. Loves playing the guitar and writing songs. Playing basketball, volleyball and soccer are what keeps her in line.


Amiee has had a rough past... She grew up in the city of Winnipeg. Her parents watched as her abilities became more and more stronger she was pulled out of school. She became anti-social to everyone around her. When her mother was young she attended at the academy. Her mother enroll her at the academy.

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Image of Amiee Besson
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