music (2)

Hearing her name being called, Elizabeth looks she will start crying, run out of the auditorium or both. Instead remembering what Mio said, Elizabeth takes a breath and walks onto the stage holding her violin and some sheets of music.

Approaching the three judges she hands them a copy of the music when they ask what she will be playing and states "J.S. Bach: Sonata for Violin Solo No. 1 in G Minor".

Placing her copy of the music on a stand, she waits for the judges to say they are ready.

Still looking nervous she begins to play [ooc]rolled a 9 on 3d6 out of 14<=[/ooc]
After about 4 minutes the head judge announces, 'thank you that will be enough, please take your seat."

The judges talk among themselves, revealing nothing. They call the next student. Elizabeth looking like she wants to disappear sits back down.

In turn,, they call up everyone. Some are singers, some play instruments. Some play from the provided music (of moderate difficulty) others brought their own. After they play, the judges confer and say Congratulations and tell the students how they did. Most of the students are told they will skip one grade for the music requirement. Fewer are told two grades, and only a small minority are told they will be able to skip three.

And finally the judge announces: "Ms. Mio Tanaka."

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