Music (conclusion)

You get to the end of the piece and Professor Greene announces, 'Thank you Ms. Tanaka. That was very good.'

'Thank you everyone. That ends this year's placement test.'
Everyone gathers their things and starts to exit the auditorium.

'Ms. Tanaka and Ms. Wooding, please wait here.'

Professor Greene walks to the two ladies and offers his hand to each.

'Your performances were very good thank you again.'

'Of course this means that we are passing you out of the art requirement completely. But we hope that you will take advantage of the opportunities at Barnheart College to continue with your music, either taking more advanced classes or trying out for some of our ensembles. You can also have some opportunities at the University, but we at Barnheart have a better reputation for music and selfishly I want you playing at my school.' He hands to Mio and Elizabeth a pamphlet and a card. 'Thank you again. Hope to hear you some more in the future.'

Elizabeth looks surprised at the compliments. She gathers the violin case and her binder, waits for Mio and they head back to the dorm.

Next is lunch and then meeting in the basement for the field trip.

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