Opening Up

Jack: Umm hey. I'm Jack. So...…… did you guys end up here?
Jack was nervous as he tried to have a normal conversation.

Kurt answers; " I am a military brat. The latest base was in the desert. I was in the desert. One day, I was able to save a toddler from a rattlesnake using my powers. My father used his connections to find this place. "

Jack listened to Kurt and guessed he was the son of a military parent, since that was something he heard from one of his anime programs. Kurt seemed very upbeat for someone sent to this place on purpose. It was almost like he liked it here. Jack wondered if there was more to this place than some school prison for super freaks. Hoping not to offend anyone Jack limited what he would say till he understood more. Of course this type of thinking made him come of as either shy or slow.

Jack: Wow. That is amazing. And you?

Jack looked at Zander.

"I was helping out at a dig site when we had an excavator tip over on a group of us that were standing too close to it. I reactively put my hands up to catch it from crushing us and I actually did. I was able to push it back onto its tracks." Zander says, remembering back.
"Oh and I've been shorting out electronics sometimes." He admits with a grimace and adds,
"Also occasionally I've given off some minor static electricity shocks to people on accident."
"How about you?"

Jack remembered that an excavator is a large tank like machine with a big arm that scoops dirt at a construction site, so he was able to imagine what Zander was talking about. He also was aware of "Dig Site" being a key word used by archeologist so this meant Zander traveled with family related to this career. As he recalled that excavators weigh between 7 and 45 metric tons, so Zander had to be very strong. Jack could relate to that since, he too was stronger than normal. When Jack remembered getting shot by the assassin at a close range he remembered getting stronger right away. He wondered if that would also apply to getting shocked by Zander. As he contemplated the idea he decided to investigate it later on. He then looked at Zander who was waiting for a proper response from him, so he pondered for a moment and then replied to the best of his ability.

Jack: Um.... well this whole school thing is new for me. Normally I stay at home and have private tutors and instructors so I apologize if I don't understand some things. This is my first time being out of the house without an escort. I am only here because some guy tried to kill me and my grandfather. After getting shot I got mad and hit the killer really hard. Later after it was over, I realized I saved my grandfather because I was bulletproof and very strong. According to the anime and manga I read, people like me are not normal.

Jack had a serious expression on his face since he was not sure if he gave a proper reply. Humor was something he was still getting used to and his normal expression was that of humility but serious.


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