Under Pressure

"Someone attempted to murder you and your grandfather, that's terrible." Zander said with a serious expression. "At least you were there and able to save yourself and your grandfather."
After a long moment where no one said anything. Zander spoke again.
"Say why don't you meet our other friends over here at this table. They're right over here. Come on Kurt let's introduce Jack to Elizabeth and Mio."

Jack was surprised by Zander's positive response. Normally only his mother showed him any emotions when conversing with her. His mother usually smiled while calling everyone "Darling" and "Dear" and Jack fund it odd when his grandfather and the staff were always so serious. Jack was also shocked to see Zander respond like the characters do in his manga comics and anime cartoons when making friends in the stories. At this point Jack also wondered if there was some truth in the make believe stories he would watch when alone on his computer in his room. Jack was probably one of the very few guys his age to never get curious about adult content on line while searching the net for entertainment. Then Zander offered Jack a chance to meet more people and in this case it was girls. This was a very new experience for Jack since the only females he knew were his eccentric mother who was on constant medication and the stone cold staff maids. Hoping to take this chance to learn more he nodded his head.

Jack: Ummm… okay.

The three boys then moved to the table with the two girls named Elizabeth and Mio. Jack was to nervous to speak up so he simply nodded at the two girls as he sat down with Zander and Kurt. Jack looked at Kurt then Zander then Elizabeth and finally Mio. It was going to be the first time he has ever talked to girls his age. As he looked at Elizabeth he noticed she as around five foot tall and very slim. He found it odd she had pink eyes on top of wearing glasses round glasses. Of course it was also odd she had white straight long hair with bangs would reach to the start of her legs once she stood up. Then to top it off it appeared she had large pointed ears could be seen thru her hair. The first word that popped into Jack's head was that Elizabeth was an elf.

Then when he looked at Mio, he noticed she was also around five foot tall with slender build and a Japanese-American appearance. Mio had dark hair that reached just past her shoulders and was wearing sunglasses on her person for some reason. She seemed full of energy enjoyed her lunch time. Jack looked at his food to avoid staring at the two girls. He didn't want to come off as a creepy guy so he thought it would be best to stay quiet. Then Kurt spoke up to continue the conversation.

Kurt; " Jack, part of what we learn here is to be part of a team. Not only are the girls are friends, they're our teammates. "

Jack: Team? As in sports?

Jack wondered if he was now going to have to join a sports team and that Kurt and Zander were looking to recruit the new students. He wasn't sure how to respond to that since his only experience in sports was Martial arts. Jack was trained by grandfather in Shotokan Karate and Aikido since age 4 despite not liking it much. His nick name was the "Little Dragon" from winning a lot of tournaments in internationally. Of course he didn't like hurting others nor did he like the spot light much and only did it in order to obey his controlling grandfather. This was concerning since, all bragging aside he could easily hurt other people by accident. It was very nerve wracking since he was just starting to open up to others and now he felt a lot of pressure. Hoping to ease the burden, Jack tried to avoid being in sports right away.

Jack: Ummmm…. sorry, but I have never done team sports before. It might be a bad idea for me to join you guys. I...….(insecure pause)……. don't want to hurt anyone.

Jack seemed stress as he looked down at his tray and contemplated picking it up and moving back to his table alone. His hands were shaking a bit and his grip began to get stronger. Before he realized it he crushed the side edges of the plastic tray like it was Styrofoam. He was very nervous as his heart beat erratically and was now entering the early stages of panic.


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