Another First

Jack seemed stress as he looked down at his tray and contemplated picking it up and moving back to his table alone. His hands were shaking a bit and his grip began to get stronger. Before he realized it he crushed the side edges of the plastic tray like it was Styrofoam. He was very nervous as his heart beat erratically and was now entering the early stages of panic.

Kurt: " Just let Mr. Harris know. "

When Kurt spoke up it confused Jack a bit and he snapped from his panic state of mind. He looked at the tray and saw the side edges were crushed into small pieces of plastic. As he looked at them he saw he somehow damaged the tray with his bare hands. He was still not sure how his powers worked and what triggered them off. He then tried to gently wipe off the plastic pieces from his hands without getting any on his food. Then he used his napkin to wipe his hands under the table to get the plastic dust off. It was then that he was interrupted by a females voice.

Elizabeth continues to eat her lunch and listening to Mio talk about her performance.
Finishing Elizabeth says: 'Your playing was excellent. I just wish that I hadn't made so many mistakes.'
When the other three come over including someone she hadn't met before she stops talking, begins to shake, but then remembering what Mio had said before takes a couple of breadths before introducing her self to the new student. 'Hello, I am Elizabeth, and you are?'

Jack was a bit nervous talking to a girl his age. It was the first time for him to talk to a girl and also the first talking to an exotic looking girl. He swallowed the hard lump in his nervous throat as he tried to look at her without looking away to much.

Jack: I........I'm.......I'm Jack. (pause) I'm new here.

Jack appeared very shy as he was wiping his hands on his lap to get the plastic dust off his hands. After a bit he seemed shy as if he didn't know where to look.

Jack: Sorry.......this is my first time at a school. I am not sure about a lot of stuff.


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