Maximum Effort

Elizabeth says: "It is good to meet you Jack.'
Looking down at the table, she continues, 'and we have being at our first school in common. I moved so often I never went to a school. I do not know if we did stay at one location if my uncle would have bothered enrolling me into a school.'

Jack nodded as he shyly looked up at Elizabeth. It eased his nerves that she was also new to the whole school experience. He also guessed that since her appearance was not normal that she was nervous about fitting in as well, since the only girls that resembled her were in his cartoons and comics. Wanting to talk more, Jack tried to continue the conversation.

Jack: I.....I was not allowed to leave the house without an escort. (pause) My grandfather had me home schooled with a few tutors and instructors since I was four.

Jack fidgeted a bit then swallowed the lump in his throat so he could talk again.

Jack: I.....I am sorry if I say something weird.


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