after action

Ms. Saber reacts to Jack, 'Yes, we will be running more exercises in the near future. But that was a good run, it produced a lot of good data.'

'To continue with some answers, no one knows why when people appear with powers and why sometimes the powers are powerful and other times they are only vaguely extra powers.'

'As far as investigating and working with the police, we don't expect you all to do the work of law enforcement, but there will be times that they will be not in the right place or not have the abilities to confront others.

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Once the group has no more questions, Ms Saber will say. 'Next is our field trip. As a group you have a decision whether to wear the (normal) school uniforms, or your own clothes. But either way make sure to take with you the special costumes as there is no telling what will happen in the city.'

'Once you are clean and ready to go, meet me in the parking lot, I'll be standing next to the blue van.'

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