Field Trip

Ms. Saber reacts to Jack, 'Yes, we will be running more exercises in the near future. But that was a good run, it produced a lot of good data.'
'To continue with some answers, no one knows why when people appear with powers and why sometimes the powers are powerful and other times they are only vaguely extra powers.'
'As far as investigating and working with the police, we don't expect you all to do the work of law enforcement, but there will be times that they will be not in the right place or not have the abilities to confront others.

Jack being very curious and confused asked a few questions from Ms. Saber.

(Questions: Need to know what the suit looks like? What does it do for the students? How strong is it? If the suit is damaged what should he do? Does he really need to wear the suit if it doesn't help him? What are the rules of him using his powers? Did she learn anything from his obstacle run? Who will know about his powers? Will his powers interfere with his martial art tournaments? Will they interfere with his daily life? Will he have to be monitored by the government from now on? Did his grandfather learn about anything that happened here?)

Jack found he had asked a lot of questions once he worked up the courage to ask the first one. For some reason once he asked the first question he needed to know the answers to the rest of the questions he had bottled up inside. Somehow he gained a bit of courage trying to be brave in front of Elizabeth and even more brave when he learned a bit more about his powers. Though it was just the beginning he figured out he could somehow absorb moving energy and use it to enhance his body's strength, speed and agility. Of course he was still in the dark on factors that triggered his powers as well as the limits of his powers over all. He wanted to know the whole story but was a bit nervous about pushing his luck with mad science testing.

Once the group has no more questions, Ms. Saber will say. 'Next is our field trip. As a group you have a decision whether to wear the (normal) school uniforms, or your own clothes. But either way make sure to take with you the special costumes as there is no telling what will happen in the city.'
'Once you are clean and ready to go, meet me in the parking lot, I'll be standing next to the blue van.'

Jack nodded as he left with the group and decided to put on normal casual clothing so he wouldn't stick out to much. He was not to fond of the school uniform nor sticking out. Eventually made his way to his dorm room and changed clothes. After looking through his closet he put on blue polo collared shirt and some black jeans along with his black and blue high tops. As he remembered what Ms. Saber said he grabbed a backpack and put his school uniform and his "super hero" costume in it as well. Then he pondered for a bit and wondered if he might need anything else so he looked in his room for anything else he might need for the trip.

Jack then checked his miscellaneous drawer and saw a few items he might need like a new pack of gum, earbuds, his smartphone, a hair brush, his wallet and a metal water bottle. After either stuffing his pockets or backpack he then turned off the lights and locked his door before putting his key in his pocket. Then he left to meet the others in the place they planned to meet at. Since he was still new to the school it took a bit longer to get there than he had planned. As he arrived he wondered if he should have asked the others what they were going to wear before deciding on his own. It was his first field trip and he was both excited and nervous at the same time. Apparently he was having a lot of "First" experiences at this school.

Jack: So does anyone know where we are going?


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