Field Trip (cont.)

Zander stays with the others going to the book store. He walks next to Mio on their way and asks, "Mio, you were quiet while we were talking about all the robberies last night. Did you have any thoughts on it? Since you have experience with the ancient and occult you probably have some ideas."

"Honestly, I'm not sure what to think," Mio confessed with a frustrated sigh. "Secret societies. Potential biblical figures granting magical powers. Even with magical training, it all seems a bit too much." She tilted her head as a thought came to her. "Then again, that mention of the theft of 'The White Katana'. Maybe my grandmother's heard of it. I'll have to check with her when we get back."

The bookstore was revealing, in more ways than one. As expected, people showed a bit of themselves, either in what books they examined or in what other things they looked at. The hints were subtle, reflected in painful shyness, but they were there. It did take some looking for, even once Mio had ideas about the issue.

Jack apparently had something for Elizabeth. And as far as Mio could tell, Elizabeth had no clue she had an admirer.

So the question for Mio was simple: would she interfere and help the two see if they were right for each other or keep her nose out of what wasn't her business.

Yeah, right, she concluded, between breaths.

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