We all scream for ice cream

Mio, as in so many aspects of life, did things her own way in ordering ice cream. First, she didn't want to bother with a cone. Though she preferred sugar cones when possible, it was also rather messy. Though her bag of books (a couple on the history of jazz and one on Japanese history and mythology) were stored in her backpack, she really did not want to take a chance on drips or the scoop falling off the cone to the ground. Instead, she asked for a plastic bowl, which conveniently held an extra scoop comfortably: mint chocolate chip (her favorite) and cherry vanilla (the runner-up).

She stood near Zander, but kept an eye on Jack, as well as Elizabeth. She wanted more of an idea how to let the two have some time together. If necessary, she might draft Kurt and Zander into her scheme, but the more natural the reason to give them that time, the more likely that Jack might overcome some of his nervousness.

Granted, she winced in sympathy as his attempt to eat the ice cream resulted it what appeared to be a brain freeze episode.

"Ouch! Been there, done that." She shook her head. "Then again, some times it's fun just to see how much you can eat before it the freeze kicks in." She took a big portion of her mint chocolate chip scoop and ate it. She shrugged when it didn't bother her and it justified her taking as large a portion of the other scoop. "So tell me, Zander, what did you pick up at the book store? I saw something about stars while we were in line, but couldn't see the cover."

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