Speaking Up

As he noticed Elizabeth again he wanted to talk to her like Mio and Zander did but she seemed distant and was more focused on looking at the buildings than socializing. Since he was also shy he lacked the courage to start up a conversation with her. It was only thanks to Zander and Kurt that he even got a chance to talk to her in the first place. It pained him to know he was a coward and doubted himself. He wanted to be more open like Zander, but that hurdle was far to high in his eyes right now. Seeing as he was a fish out of water he found it was going to be tough fitting in. After a while he realized he had been starring at Elizabeth to long and turned his head to look at the buildings. Everything was new to him now and he wondered how long it would be till he could drop his guard.

"I wonder if there any planetariums around here. It's been a long time since I went to one." Mio waved her hand dismissively. "Everyone wants to see a big screen these days, but I actually used to love watching the projections on the ceiling. It's a lot closer to sitting under the stars than a flat screen."
She continued to eat her ice cream, but casually observed Jack. The poor guy did his best to hide is interest in Elizabeth, but he kept looking over a her, especially when he thought the girl was not looking.
And that was when an idea came to her.
"You know, maybe that's something we should do soon. Attend a planetarium, I mean, if there's one around. Heck, maybe just hit the local museums. All of us." She grinned mischievously as she looked at Elizabeth and Jack. "Make a Saturday of it. Build some team cohesiveness."

Jack suddenly felt a cold chill down his spine. It felt rather similar to when the help was spying on him when he was supposed to be doing his homework on his computer, but looking at Manga comics instead. He looked around to see if anyone was watching him but by the time he saw Mio her gaze shifted away to Kurt so he missed it. Being oblivious to her mischief he began to wonder if he was getting another brain freeze by eating his ice cream to fast. Granted it was good, but since it was a new experience he was still learning his limits. Then he realized the group was making plans for visiting a planetarium.

Kurt raises his head at Mio's suggestion. " That's a good idea. We all have laptops, so we can use the internet to find what's available. "

Jack wondered why they would need to use a laptop to find a planetarium. Wouldn't it be easier to just use a smart phone? Jack was having a hard time following the logic of the others sometimes. So far they liked to solve mysteries, test their powers, go book shopping, eat ice cream and visit planetariums. They all seemed to like a lot of different things which Jack found interesting. Jack was beginning to see a similarity from the kids in the animes and comics as they also did activities as a group. He wondered if they were bonding and becoming closer friends. It would be nice if that was the case since he was still new whole school friend thing.

"That is a good idea." Zander says in agreement with Mio and Kurt. "I don't have a laptop but my mom is an archeologist and is helping with the history museum here in Liberty City for awhile. I don't think they have a planetarium but she might know someone at the science museum."

Jack was taken back by Zander suggesting a museum instead. He had seen a few pictures of museums online for school work but he had never been to one before. Ironically his house was like a museum in that one could look at the d├ęcor, but could not touch it. His grandpa had a lot of art, armor, weapons, antiques and other fancy stuff in the house, but Jack was not allowed to tough any of it. He once tried and ended up with a lot of suffering during his next training session. Push ups with grandpa stepping on his back was torture. He barely managed to do fifty push ups that way. Later he found out his grandpa was standing on his back the whole time. Seeing as it was a chance to spend more time with Elizabeth, Jack was okay with the idea. He felt nervous speaking up but after swallowing his ice cream he spoke up.

Jack: Maybe we might see something cool there. I have never been to one before.


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