Stepping Up?

Gotcha! Mio thought triumphantly as Jack spoke up. That's one down. Now, if we can just get the other vict....err, Elizabeth on board.
"I'm pretty sure we can make a day of it," Mio suggested. "But we'll need to see what kind of museums are here. We might not get everything that we each want, but we'll try to squeeze in enough so that everyone gets something they like."

Jack scratched his head as the group was really debating the idea of the museum. However he wondered if they were all interested in the same exhibits. From the online photos he came across during his studies he knew some museums had a lot of sections and some of them were huge depending on the museum. It would be unlikely they could see everything in one day if the museum was large. He licked his ice cream and snuck a peak to see what Elizabeth was doing. He was hoping she would speak up so he could make an excuse to follow her. Then the guys spoke up and distracted him again.

" With all of the military bases my father has been stationed the one thing I noticed is that the nearest town always had a visitor's bureau. It's too bad we didn't know where it is. "

Jack was surprised they seemed to have connections. He knew his grandfather had a lot of connections and met a lot of big wigs while following his grandfather on business trips. However since he had little freedom and no connections outside the internet, he was new to seeing others do the same thing.

"I don't think we need to go to so many different museums, that sounds hectic. I wasn't pushing to go to the history museum. I just meant to say my mom may have some contacts at the science museum where they might have a planetarium. You guys are right though it's probably easier to just look it up on the internet. " Zander clarified.

Jack was a little glad that Zander spoke up since it make it easier to spend time with the group and especially Elizabeth. Since he was a coward when it came to girls, poor Jack struggled to talk to Elizabeth who seemed to also act shy as well. It was ironic that he managed to overcome getting shot several times, endure the harsh training and lifestyle from his grandfather and despite being clumsy he easily overcame the school's obstacle course , but when it came to talking to a cute girl he felt like a scared little boy about to jump off a cliff into an abyss. Just thinking about starting up a conversation with her made his stomach hurt. Just to calm down he looked away and focused on his ice cream hoping he didn't toss his cookies out of being nervous.

Jack: Ummm I have my smart phone if we need to look stuff up.

Jack was feeling nervous as he spoke up.


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