Kurt's thoughts

This is Kurt's cue to show the book, rifle, and ammo that he collected.

Kurt points out the section entitled, 'Phase Conjugate Grammars for Extra-dimensional Summoning', while written in the 1940s is very advanced mathematics/computer programming.

Examining the ammo, it is very strange, plastic sabots with weird writing on the outside and inside.
In the sabot is a large dart like flechette made of a solid metal, but more brittle than typical, being made of iron, but unlike normal iron, passing a magnet over it does nothing. The end of the flechette is very sharp and when impacted through some material breaks down into very small dust pieces and hooks and barbs.

The rifle is both modern and archaic, archaic in that it has a store of powder instead of a magazine. Kurt will recognize it as black powder but with additional iron, and somehow also non-magnetic.

Kurt voiced some ideas; " The flechette may contain something poisonous. That's what might have happened to Elisabeth. That smokescreen tasted like nothing I've never tasted before. It might be a good idea if we all get checked out. As far as the writing on the sabot is concerned maybe Zander's mother would have some ideas.

As far as the rifle is concerned; I would almost call it homemade. But I can nor see one person making a rifle like that. It feels more like a group. "

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