"I recognize this writing." Zander says.

"The letters are from archaic Hebrew, Cuneiform, Egyptian Hieroglyphs, and Phoenician which is the same writing in the book about Lillith. I can't read these languages but my mother should be able to make it out. Kurt will you take a picture of the writing with your phone? We can give her a call and send the image to her, I'll give you her number and you can put it in speaker. I'm sure she can help us. Who knows, she may even know something about the legend of Lillith and these books."

Mr. Harris, responding to both Kurt and Zander states,'both of those points are good, I'll contact Leopold to come in and provide him with samples for the police lab to analyize, if no-one objects.'

"Mr. Harris, shouldn't we also show the police what we've found out about the book on Lillith and the writing? They'd have to be interested in that information, right?" Zander asks.

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