Hospital Visit

The classmates led by Ms. Saber walk toward Elizabeth's room, which happens to be the closest to the nurse’s station. Seeing all the classmates one of the nurses looks to intercept them, but Ms. Saber motions to the nurse and says to the class, "Remember only two at a time" and then directing herself to the nurse she lowers her voice and they walk further away to discuss matters.

In the room, Elizabeth lies in the bed. It is a room for one person. Looking at Elizabeth she looks small, everything besides her neck and head and one arm are below the sheets and blankets. An IV is injected in her arm and oxygen is provided through thin tubes into her nose. There a many machines with various lights and some are beeping in various tones and various timing.

When the first classmates enter the room, Elizabeth will greet them by a shy wave. She will then grab a tablet with a pen attached with a string, squinting at the paper she writes 'Sorry, doctor said I shouldn't try to talk.'

Elizabeth mostly listens. Periodically nurses enter the room to take vitals and check on the machines.
Occasionally she seems to drift off, but after a few minutes she will slowly open her eyes and continue to listen to her classmates.

[ooc] if anyone is curious about Ms. Saber and the nurse they will have to stand unnoticed a distance from them and roll a hearing perception roll. [/ooc]

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