Man Up

The next day Jack feeling crappy inside. He was still feeling bad for loosing his cool yesterday and his dreams were rather unpleasant as he felt he was a monster inside. He had imagined himself as a character much like Dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hyde, while fighting for control over his body. Hoping to clear his mind, he showered and get ready for breakfast. He was worried that they others would treat him differently, but to his surprise they welcomed him to sit with them again. It helped him clam down as he ate his oatmeal quietly. Though he didn't speak much, his head was full of anxiety and stress.

After breakfast the students meet with Mr. Harris in the home-room and announces today's plans.

'Trevor and Amiee will run the obstacle course, After words anyone who wants to visit Elizabeth can go with Ms. Saber. If they try to prevent you from entering, as they might say family only, I am instructing you to say that you are family. If they push back tell them to call me.

Jack felt relieved that he could visit Elizabeth with the others since his guilt was killing him. He felt if he could see her recovered it would ease his worries. So before they could go they were required to do a few things for the staff members.

After visiting hours and after lunch you are required to attend the club activities. Each of the clubs will have a table and /or a display trying to get people to join. It is required that you join at least one other group.'

As for clubs, Jack was at a loss so he asked Zander to help him with that part since he had no idea what to do in a club or what was expected of him in a club. He only knew of them in the anime sense but they were a bit far fetched story wise and he didn't believe they could get in to that much trouble all the time in real life.

The hospital did limit how many people could see Elisabeth at one time. So Kurt said; " Jack & Mio can go first. I'll wait in the cafeteria. " On the way to the cafeteria he stopped at the gift shop to pick up some flowers for Elisabeth, a "get well" card, & the local paper.
With a cup of hot chocolate he read the paper. He was glad to see while it did mention the library & some new heroes rescued some people. The academy was not mentioned, since he didn't want the other students to get into trouble.
He showed the paper to Zander, when he asked about the flowers & the card. He told Alonzo; " Th card can be from both of us, I'm going to tell Elisabeth that the flowers are from Jack. "

As Jack and Mio entered the room to see Elizabeth, Jack froze like a dear in headlights as he approached the door to her room. He was scared and began to have a panic attack till Mio yanked him into the room. His heart was still pounding loud in his chest as he looked at the floor with a beet red face. He wondered what he should do not that he was there. Should he smile, say something funny or run away like a scared little boy? Poor Jack knew he needed to be brave and man up, but it was a big hurdle for him to do it now in front of the girl he liked. So he took a few big breaths to calm down before he forced a smiled and looked at Elizabeth.

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