Zubrette’s tour continues

Mr. Harris: 'I can't promise that there are no bullies at the school, but your classmates in the program will have your back.'

'If you are interested in studying martial arts, we can ask your classmates Mio or Jack to demonstrate some moves for you and if you like or they can tutor you. That way you can start more informal or you can enrol into one of the martial art classes at the school.'

After the dining hall, Mr. Harris will take Zubrette back to one of the academic buildings, 'I know your education has been a little unusual, therefore we need to have you go through some placement tests.'

Another person guides her to a computer, but when they see the difficulties she is having, they switch to paper and an in person interview to determine her starting points.

[ooc] This is mostly for flavour, and to give an example, although you haven't met her This is Elizabeth's courses.
intro to Computers
intro to Mathematics
intro to Science
History (* College class to be picked later )
College Prep English
1st level ballet

Intro means below the standard entry point, then there would be no modifier or college prep, honours, and then college level. if one tests out of a subject, one can take a college level class or can test out of the requirement. (Elizabeth actually tested out of the language requirement. [/ooc]

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