finishing Zubrette's interview

Mr. Harris continues to listen as Zubrette talks. Only asking a few questions to guide the conversation. He takes a few discrete notes. 'So I have you in intro to Science, Math, Computers, College Prep English, French, College Prep World History, and College Prep Biology. '

'While you can talk to Mr. Blythe as often as you'd like, We have scheduled a psychiatrist to visit tomorrow, would you like me to schedule an appointment for you?'

'I also think it might be good to have one of the older students be in the classes with you. This would give you someone you can talk freely at all times, and if it turns out that the class is too basic for you, we will talk and see how the next higher class works.'

He then asks her,'Do you have any questions for me?'

After any questions that Zubrette might have for Mr. Harris, he will look at his watch and say, 'Soon your classmates will be returning. Do you want to meet them at the dorm, the dining hall, the home room class, the basement, or somewhere else?'

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