Replying to Zubrette

'While the special class takes care of a number of requirements. We don't have a course just on dodge-ball, and I would need to see your abilities before joining any normal athletic activity. We are trying to keep some of our abilities quieter.'

'As far as a shrink, we will just set them up to start monitoring your medications. Since Mr. Blythe cannot prescribe medications. With them and Mr. Blythe we will try to make sure that the medications are effective. If you want to talk with them as well you can, but if you decide against it for now, we'll leave the decision to you, at this time. We won't make any changes unless both the doctor and Mr. Blythe suggest otherwise. Unless evidence proves that your previous doctor was incorrect or that things change, we will presume that your current medications are proper.'

'As far as a buddy, yes for classroom tasks only. I was thinking of a particular older student as they have actually finished their classroom requirements, so they are more flexible in their time than most students. You don't have to do anything for them to repay them, they will be getting valuable experience for what they want to do in the future.'

'Yes, that's what you are here for. I know you said you don't like tests, but would you mind running the obstacle course for us? All the other students have run it already, and it provides worthwhile data for us. But if you don't feel up to it, we can have you possibly run it another time. You can also watch the videos of the other students previous runs. The gym is also where we do more physical training.'

Mr Harris will describe a simple obstacle course comprising a run up to a balance beam, crossing the balance beam (dex roll), Attacking a dummy (attack roll) however one would like, running or any other alternative movement to another location, where a small air canon will aim and fire , this is to test defences and only hits with the same strength as a normal human. He will also describe the school costume, 'but I don't know how it would interact with your abilities.'

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