So after he sipped his coffee he closed his eyes and savored the taste. It was great coffee, but having a drink with a friend seemed to enhance the flavor a lot more. He hoped he could keep his new friends even after high school was over. Getting friends was big step for him these days, sadly he still lacked the courage to tell Elizabeth he liked her. However he hoped one day he could muster up his courage and cross that bridge and not lose her as a friend.

Jack: Man this is good coffee. I wonder what the guys are talking about?

Elizabeth when presented with the card and flowers again smiles shyly and writes her gratitude on her pad. With her free hand she will summon a nurse and gesturing to the card and flowers communicates to her to display them on her tray table.

Elizabeth continues to listen to her friends, talking to her and each other. If anyone has a question, she will write her answer on the pad.
While occasionally her eyes loose focus, or close completely, toward the end of the visiting hours, her eyes start to droop continuously and it is obvious she is loosing the battle between wakefulness and sleep.

As visiting hours conclude, a doctor and nurse team enter the room and start talking about the next series of surgeries that Elizabeth will have.

Then shortly later on Zander and Kurt return to meet up with Jack and Mio. They talk a bit about Elizabeth and how she is doing. There was some concern and the others cheered up Jack as he was worried about Elizabeth. Jack was beginning to pick up the fact they were supporting him getting closer to Elizabeth even if it was just a little bit. He found it a bit embarrassing since he was still shy in that department.

Meeting Ms. Saber back at the nurses station, the class walks back to the car.

Ms Saber: 'I received a message from Mr. Harris, a new student has arrived and will meet us in the basement.'

After getting into the car Jack messed with his smart phone a bit. He recorded the map of the island and all the buildings on the GPS map. Since he was going to be living here here for the next few years he figured he should know the area a bit. As it was he was lost when Elizabeth teleported them to the Library to fight the bad guys. As he stared out the window he reflected his recent past and wondered about his future. He decided to talk to the councilor or therapist to help him deal with his emotional problems since he wanted to be able to control his feelings. The last scare he experienced was an eye opener for him. He didn't want the others to see him like that again.

Arriving in the basement, the group assembles around the conference table, where they see Mr. Harris talking to the new student.

Mr. Harris will gesture at the new student and say, 'Ms. Zubrette arrived today, and will be joining our special class.'

He will then one by one go around the table and introduce the other present students.

Jack looked at the cute European girl and nodded at her. Granted she was pretty like Mio, but he had already set his heart aside for Elizabeth for now. Since he was a bit shy still he kept is talking to a minimum.

The small teen is back in her regular clothes and waves at each student as they are introduced. Several of the girls are petite like her, but the boys come in all sizes. Her eye keeps finding that of the biggest boy then quickly looking away.

“I’m a ghost,” she blurts out to those present. “Well not always. I’m not dead or anything. I just turn into a ghost when I want to. Oh I’m friendly though,” she offers quickly.

Jack instinctively spoke up for some odd reason after hearing Zubrette's odd introduction.

Jack: Hi. I'm Jack. I am a super powered punching bag.

He realized what he said after he said it and it was to late. He made a snarky reply without thinking and was surprised by what he said. He wondered if the new girl had some kind of influence on his thinking somehow or was he still shaken up by the recent events. Either way he gave a polite smile and a nod. He felt awkward talking to girls as it was so odd to see a good looking guy like him acting awkwardly shy around girls. Then he looked at the others hoping to see if they would chime in.


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