Jack: Hi. I'm Jack. I am a super powered punching bag.

He realized what he said after he said it and it was to late. He made a snarky reply without thinking and was surprised by what he said. He wondered if the new girl had some kind of influence on his thinking somehow or was he still shaken up by the recent events. Either way he gave a polite smile and a nod. He felt awkward talking to girls as it was so odd to see a good looking guy like him acting awkwardly shy around girls. Then he looked at the others hoping to see if they would chime in.

Kurt sees the new girl & sits down across from her. He uses his " gift " to have the salt shaker float to his hand. Then he speaks up; " My name is Kurt. Do you want any salt.

Jack then realized that was the first time he actually saw Kurt's ability. During the fight he really didn't have the time to carefully observe the powers of his fellow classmates. He saw Zander use his strength and Elizabeth's teleportation power, but the rest was a mystery to him, so it was a new experience for him to see it first hand. of course he was confused about the offering of salt and wondered if that was a normal thing to do.

Zubrette: “Punching bag and salt shaker - got it. But I don’t get it. Is eating salt some sort of team tradition? I don’t want to come across like I’m not a team player, especially on my first day, but must I really eat the salt? My doctor says it’s very important that I watch my sodium intake because elevated electrolytes interfere with my medications. Can we do pepper instead?”

Jack was surprised to hear he was not the only one confused by the offering of salt. He tried not to giggle when Zubrette rambled on about avoiding sodium in her diet. She was funny and came off as scatterbrained. Then he realized that might be related to her medication, which would explain a lot of things.

Kurt; " I apologize, it was just a simple way to show my "gift". Of course you can have pepper if you want it."

Jack: Oh okay.

Jack felt relieved as Kurt explained the whole salt thing. He wasn't sure if he should offer Elizabeth salt when she came back, but now he could avoid the embarrassing issue. He had seen many zany things happen in the anime he watched and didn't want to mess up that bad by doing something embarrassing like confessing in front of a group of classmates before getting shot down and humiliated for all to see. As he looked at the others and back at Zubrette, he wondered what their powers were really like since he didn't see much. Then he wondered if he really knew everything about his powers. As he recalled in his comic books, some powers had a tendency to change or evolve like in pokemon.

Jack: Maybe one day we can see each other's powers in a demo or something.


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