My 2 Cents

At the meeting Jack held Elizabeth close in his arms. She was looking worn out and babbling the same message as if she was in a trance. It pained his heart to see her in such a state and he felt helpless as he didn’t have any powers to help her. All he could do for now was keep her safe.

Kurt; ' Waiting for them would be a mistake. Charging them would also be a mistake with that fog. I recommend hitting them at an angle. Anybody who can fly take to the air. Jack, you should be in the rear so you can watch Elisabeth as long as possible. I'll approach the crowd first with everybody else spreading out.

Jack simply nodded as Kurt told him to protect Elizabeth. The others had powers more suited for a zombie attack compared to him. His powers were for melee and hand to hand combat and someone needed to protect Elizabeth. So if they needed to escape, Jack was the best suited to run a long distance while carrying Elizabeth.

Mio has a thoughtful look on her face and speaks up, 'If they are zombies then that could explain the drumming, if we could reach them and stop the drumming that could stop the zombies.'
[ooc] The most that Jack can increase his strength and toughness is double human normal, from 10->20 [/ooc]

Jack remembered a lot of shows and comics related to Zombie Entertainment and the drumming did not match the majority of them. Normally in a zombie show the zombies are animated by a virus made by a secret organization or by a magical curse or necromancy, so the drums would only come in to play in when dealing with a necromancer or witch doctor. Then Jack spoke up with his perspective.

Jack: Be careful going after the drummers. They might have support or are surrounded by traps. We also don’t who we are dealing with since they are using a fog to hide in. Oh and be careful of the fog since it could be poisonous. Maybe you all can just hurl rocks till you hit them by luck?


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