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Mr. Harris greets his students in the home room.
"Good, afternoon."
"First I am going to go over the schedule for tomorrow."

"After Breakfast, there will be an address to the new students in the auditorium by the headmaster and the president of the student body. It will probably be fairly boring, but it is required."

"Next is academic testing. If you have a high school transcript from a prior school or certificates from home or virtual schools, we will use those for assigning to classes."

"If either you don't have a transcript or certificate or want to see if you can test out of an academic subject then report to room K3, that's one floor up from this one for testing. One can either skip a grade for that subject or test out completely, although we also offer the opportunity to take classes either at the college or the university."

After the academic testing, anyone with artistic talents will have the chance to test out of the artistic and culture requirements. Visual artists, bring your portfolio to room K2, that is also upstairs. Dancers report to the gym and musicians report to the auditorium, unless you play the piano, please bring your instrument or instruments."

"Then after lunch we will have a field trip to down-town."

"And after all of that recap, the reason why you are in the 'Independent Studies', please follow me as we go to the basement."

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