finally intro to "Independent Studies"

The group enter a small room Mr. Harris inserts his key into a keyhole and places his hand above, on a unremarkable space on the wall, 'This is a biometric sensor, you will be entered shortly.'

An elevator opens and Mr. Harris and the students enter, 'Later you will see the other enterences to the basement.'

Entering a lobby, Mr. Harris leads everyone to a conference room. "As you probably guessed "Independent Studies" is what we call our training of super powered young people."
Two other people are standing there, Introducing them, he points to an Indian Man, This is Richard Blythe, he is our nurse, and handles biometric information, and designs any excersize program as needed. And this is Wendy Saber, she handles our computers and technology.'

"Next costumes, each of you has been assigned one of these costumes, Dark Grey and Light Grey [ooc] Think of the original x-men costumes without the pirate boots.[/ooc]'Made with non newtonion fabrics, they will protect you from most routine damage. In the mask is an earpiece and microphone, allowing you to talk to each other during combat. A seperate bracelet provides limited cellular functionality. If anyone has talent in designing clothes, feel free to show any ideas to your teammates and to us."

"Now follow me into the gym." you all see a course marked out,"Once you are in costume you will run this course, If you have a code name please let us know, or the rest of the team can make suggestions."

"So this obstacle course, if you have any defensive powers, feel free to activate at the start. You will run as quickly as possible to the balance beam" (which is just inches of the ground) "cross the balance beam and you will see a martial art dummy, attack it full strength,either ranged or melee, they weigh 100kg, don't worry we have exta dummies. Then move over to the circle is, if you have an additional movement power, please use that power. Stand in the circle and a concentrated blast of air will hit you, testing your defenses, don't worry its been calibrated not to go past the armor in the costumes.

Finally he hands everyone what looks like 2 largish bandaids, "Put these on your wrists, they will send diagnostics to the computers.""Now please get dressed in the costumes that you will find in your dressing room and get ready to run the course, Elizabeth will please run the course first."

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