Elizabeth's run on the obstacle course

Elizabeth comes out in costume, looking surprising only a little nervous.Around her is a faint red glow. Looking at the course, she says "I am ready." She runs at normal speed to the balance beam and starts to cross, (dex roll 7) she crosses without any problems and no wobbles. Standing 3 meters away from the dummy, crimson lightning flares and arcs down her arms and hands . Sighting the dummy she the crimson lightning is projected violently at the dummy [Attacking base 6 ocv + 11- 3 dcv of the dummy, requires 14 or less.] Rolling a 10 she solidly hits the dummy. Next a red circle appears before her, and she steps into it, disappearing from the one location and appearing in the next circle. Elizabeth looks at Mr. Harris and states, "Ready" a blast of air hits her and obviously dissipates harmlessly on her forcefield.

Finishing her run, Elizabeth asks Mr. Harris "Well, how did I do?"

Mr. Harris looking at a computer monitor he smiles and says "Great, whose our next volunteer?"

[ooc] If you need help with what to roll, please let me know and I will help.[/ooc]

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