Mio's Run

The costumes certainly weren't that fashionable, though they weren't really meant to be more than a certainly amount of protection as well as an identifier that one was a student. As much as Mio liked clothing, however, she was not a designer by any stretch, so until she had some ideas, she was going to be stuck with the look.

She watched the others, especially Elizabeth, make their individual runs. The other girl surprised her by performing rather well, and Mio nodded with silent approval when she finished. She hoped that she could do at least as well. Both Zander and Kurt succeeded as well, and it was interesting to note what their powers and abilities seemed to be.

And then it was her turn.

Taking a deep breath, Mio closed her eyes and said a silent prayer to whatever saint watched over superhero trainees.

She stepped onto the balance beam and focused on putting one foot in front of the other. She didn't stumble, but she moved a bit slower than she had hoped (Rolled 11 on 11-). Reaching the end, she could tell it wasn't her best performance, chalking it up to nerves.

She decided to channel some of that frustration on the next task.

Lining up with the dummy, Mio quickly focused her mind and reached out to draw on the ambient magical energy around her. It was quicker than speaking, though it took more of her attention to draw the power through her. She stretched out one arm and was gratified to see the arcane symbols radiate in a circle around her hand. They spun with the center point being her wrist and in a moment a bluish-white blast erupted from her fingertips, lancing right into the target.

And was surprised to see the blast slam dead into its 'chest' and erupt through (Rolled 4 to hit, though I'm taking a liberty on the damage for drama's sake). That startled Mio, who had usually been firing at dead trees or illusions conjured by her grandmother during her training. She pushed the thought of what that could have done to a living target to the back of her mind, not wanting to dwell on the consequences at the moment.

Thankfully, she could activate the spell of flight in her sleep, quite literally when her parents found her floating one morning above her bed. She pushed off the ground with one foot and quickly flew to the red circle. Immediately after landing, she stretched out both hands in front. Now the sigil from before appeared around both hands as a full-length, concave shield of the same bluish-white energy flared to life in front of her, translucent enough that one could see someone on the other side, though it was only so clear. The blast hit the shield, which easily withstood the impact, though she could feel the rush of air as it passed by.

With the test now over, she heaved a sigh of relief and came to stand next to Elizabeth and the boys.

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