After the obstacle course Q&A

Mr Harris, says for everyone to clean up and meet back at the conference table after redressing.

Once they are back in their street clothes and at the conference table, Mr Harris says, "Thank you for your efforts, the data produced will make the next training session, " and he pauses and smiles ,"much more interesting."

"If anybody has ideas for code-names for themselves or others please tell me and your team-mates."

"If anybody has any questions about this program or the school, please ask and if you have questions for each other please ask, I hope that not only will you be team-mates but also friends"

"Mr. Zander, since you didn't get a chance to tour the grounds, do you have any questions? If not I would advise walking around the campus before dinner to get you familiar with the area."

Zander nods his head. "Thank you Mr. Harris, I do plan to walk around more later.." he then hesitates for a moment.

"While I was watching the others I did try to think of some code-names for us. Although if you don't like them I understand."

Zander turns to the powerful girl who was so shy at lunch but became so confident on the obstacle course, "Elizabeth, the gracefulness and red light of your powers reminded me of the Aurora borealis so I thought Aurora might be a good code-name for you."

Next he turns to his roommate, "Kurt you can move things without even touching them, which is awesome and probably makes cleaning bathrooms much more bearable." He chuckles. "Anyways your mental abilities are amazing and remind me of the legendary Magi, who were historical wisemen. I thought Magi might be a good fit for you."

Finally he turns to Mio, "I think your abilities are the most amazing and versatile. They seem mystical and ancient and remind me of the zodiac. So I thought Zodiac might be a good code-name for you."

He turns to Mr Harris and says almost reluctantly "Besides some electric shocks I've accidentally given some people and shorting out some electronics; I'm just really strong. I did grow up being drug around the world with my mom going to archaeological sites but I was born in Greece and I've always admired the ancient and modern Olympians. I think I'd like Olympian to be my code-name."

Then Zander hesitates again but then asks "Mr. Harris, with the suits and the code-names, are we going to be out fighting criminal for class assignments? because I don't think I'd mind that."

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