After the obstacle course Q&A

Mio smiled at Zander's suggestion, but shook her head. "The first things I think of with a name like Zodiac are predictions in a newspaper, a serial killer and a inflatable boat. Not exactly gonna inspire respect."

"Yeah you're right, I forgot about the zodiac killer." Zander said sheepishly

Up until then, she had not really put much thought into a possible need for a code-name, much less an actual name. But something had been coming to her mind during the brief obstacle course. "My abilities are based on the spells I've been learning, " she stated, thinking aloud as much as continuing her response to Zander. "They're from a book that my grandmother had written, and my first lessons were with her. But I've been reading it pretty constantly ever since. I've got a 'photographic memory', so technically I don't forget something I've seen. Or read. So, they're sort of bound to me, even if I can't understand everything about them yet."

Mio gave a broader grin now. "So I was thinking...Spellbinder."

Zander smiled too "I love it. That's awesome, Spellbinder."

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