the library - the action begins (1)

After the mental discussion, the group waits until the strangers enter the atrium, knowing that it will give them some more room to manoeuvre.

Zander leaving his hiding spot, charges at the lead man, the one holding the tome. Lowering his shoulder he hits him squarely. The stranger is now on the ground and looks unconscious.

Kurt being ready for Zander's movement, grabs the book with his telekinesis and pulls it toward Elizabeth.

Once it reaches Elizabeth, she takes the book. A red disc appears near her, stepping into the disc, Elizabeth disappears.

The current situation: bad guys 2 normal bad guys and the ogre are standing.
1 bad guy is unconscious.
They all have a 3 dcv, (to attack roll 3d6 vs. ocv+11-dcv)
The regular foes are lvl 1, if you hit them they will go down.
The ogre is lvl 5, requiring 5 hits.

Zander is within easy melee range.
Kurt is at range and hidden.
Mio is at range and hidden.
Elizabeth is elsewhere.

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