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Summary: Lets fly

Crystal Williams

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Gender: Femail

Age: 20

Group: Dragoon

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Dragoon peace keeper



Physical Appearance

Crystal is about 5 feet 5 inches tall she had long red hair with a slight wave to it. When not in uniform she usually where light weight clothing and has a blue butterfly pin in her hair.

Personality and interests

Crystal is excitable and lives to fly. She loves spending time with her dragon Midnight and is not one for large crowds. In fact she Typically only hangs out with other dragons Traders. She loves adventure, learning and reading as well. She also loves singing with Midnight.


Crystal was one of the original colonist to join jericho’s landed. She was brought on as a Civilian pilot. She eventually joined the military wanting more excitement. As she was wondering the woods one day she found Midnight he was a baby dragon and was hurt she took the dragon in and took care of it. She was eventually bitten by the animal and became very sick. She recovered and was totally shooked to find out that her baby dragon had become violent and attacked the medical staff. That was short lives though as baby dragon grow fast and to her delight was able to train midnight to fly wail she was riding him. The pair were eventually accepted into the elect group of dragon riders how help keep order. Though they have only just started trading they hope to make a difference to there home and its people.

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Image of Crystal Williams
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