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Summary: Head tilt with curios expression


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Gender: Mail

Age: 3

Group: Dragons

Planet of Origin

Native of this planet.


Bonded Dragon


Bonded dragon

Physical Appearance

Midnight is on the smaller end of dragons. He ways only 15000 pounds and is about 40 feet long. He has four legs and two wings. He unlike most dragons is covered and long silky fur. His wings are covered in feathers. He is dark blue almost black with light blue markings. His eyes are a brilliant shade of green.

Personality and interests

Midnight adores crystal. He doesn’t make much noise. Except to sort of hum along with her as she sings. The pair enjoy music and particularly making music them selfs. He also loves to fly and is extremely protective of crystal. So long as you are nice to crystal midnight will be nice to you. When she is with him. He doesn’t like people at all when crystal is not with him.


Midnight was found by crystal as a baby. He was thought to have been injured by a predator or even another dragon. She rescued and cared for him. Eventually he playfully bit her. It Made her very sick and the at the time baby dragon refused to leave her side. He got violent turned on the medical staff and tried to rescue her. They got to close at times though he was a baby dragon and not to hard to contain other dragon handlers help in calming Midnight during the recovery of Crystal.

Player Notes/Dragon Abilities

Midnight is Crystal’s companion and will bite anyone how tries to approach him when she is gone.

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Image of Midnight
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