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Summary: A seasoned Dragoon Peacekeeper

Jhonen Cross

Gender: Male

Age: Mid-thirties

Group: Dragoon

Planet of Origin

Born near Tannhauser Gate


Dragoon Peacekeeper



Physical Appearance

A tall, imposing man with long blonde hair and a beard. Has piercing blue eyes, one of which is slightly darker than the other. Bares scars from numerous conflicts over his long career and boasts a prosthetic right arm from some unknown misfortune.

Personality and interests

He is often considered a man you send to get a job done as efficiently as possible. Though many find his steely demeanor intimidating, those who know him more intimately know he hides a caring side and deeply values his comrades and subordinates.


Little is known of Jhonen. His colonist dossier has him registered as a settler and a farmer who came to Jericho with his parents and siblings. At some point he was inducted into the Dragoon and quickly made a reputation for himself as an effective lawman you don't want to get on the bad side of.

Player Notes/Dragon Abilities

Also known as: The Demon Hunter of Jericho, Queensbane, Diamondback

Code Name: Big Daddy



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Image of Jhonen Cross
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