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Summary: Give it to me I will do it.

Samuel Davenport

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Gender: Male

Age: 40

Group: Dragoon

Planet of Origin

terra nova II colony outer rim.


Military Specialist Special Operations Engineer is a construction and demolitions specialist. As a builder, the engineer sergeant can create bridges, buildings, and field fortifications. As a demolitions specialist, the engineer sergeant can carry out demolition raids against enemy targets, such as bridges, railroads, fuel depots, and critical components of infrastructure.
He is trained Unconventional Warfare, Small Unit Special Ops Tactics at the Squad and Platoon level, SERE - Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape training. Advanced Special Operations techniques, Air Operations, Military decision-making process, and infiltration and exfiltration techniques are also taught. Language Training, Radio and Non-Verbal Communications, Shooting, Maneuvering, and Combatives are field craft all Special Ops soldiers rely on. Special Forces colony Weapons. and foreign small arms, light and heavy crew served weapons, anti-aircraft and anti-armor weapons. They are also relied upon to control and supervise tactical offensive and defensive operations as well as perform various airborne operations.

Special Operations Job Duties
Perform and teach tasks in demolitions, explosives, field fortification, bridging, rigging, reconnaissance and civil action projects Interpret maps, overlays, photos and charts. Carry out demolition raids against enemy military targets, such as bridges, railroads and fuel depots Employ warfare tactics and techniques in infantry operations Manage all aspects of logistics for an Operational Detachment Alpha during multi-week on the ground expeditionary missions as well as supervise all fire base operations. Parachuting Using land warfare weapons and communications devices, Handling and using explosives, Bomb and mine disposal. Go behind enemy lines to recruit, train and equip friendly forces for guerrilla raids Performs standard and non-standard air delivery, airborne operations, and air-ground operations Employ warfare tactics and techniques in infantry operations Maintain proficiency with all foreign high-density light and heavy weapons read, interpret and prepare combat orders.

Military Specialist VTOL Craft pilots fly every type of combat and support mission under the sun, including those not under the sun. Flying with night vision equipment sounds fun until you’ve seen how disorienting they are. Military specialist, among other missions in the pilot’s repertoire, reconnaissance, security, gunnery, rescue, air assault, mine/flare delivery, internal/external load, and paradrop/rappelling operations. These missions can also vary depending on the pilot’s aircraft specialty.


Chief warrant officer Military Specialist Engineer, Pilot Qualified.

Physical Appearance

Appearance: He is of large stature and muscular in his 40s. He stands 6 foot 2 inches tall and weighs 260 pounds his eyes are a deep blue hear is brown with reddish highlights with tan skin. Has nasty scar from the experience with his dragon in his right leg

He is normally wares his Multi-Cam Uniform Boonie Hat Black Color T-Shirts Combat Jacket Combat Pants and Combat Boots his uniform color Multi-cam have background colors of a tan to brown gradient with shades of lime green in between. The core of the Multi-cam pattern consists of a yellowish green gradient and blotches of dark brown and a light pink-like color spread throughout the design. Overall, this allows for the uniform's appearance to change from slight green to brown in different areas of the fabric. The impressive aspect about the Multi-cam uniform is that it hides a figure by tricking the eye's perception of color. The Multi-Cam uniform enables the wearer to blend in to the background environment solely utilizing an innovative camouflage pattern.

Personality and interests

As an Military Specialist . He has been at this game for a long time. In this time, he has only discovered 5 trading routs. This is a big place, but He must make a living. Some say he has no morals at all. That is not true. He lives by a strict code. He does his job. When ordered to, he keeps up his side of the mission no matter what it takes. Sometimes what it takes is not pretty, but he is not squeamish. He would not be in this line of work and
some People look up to him. he did the job. Some good people got killed he fulfilled his side of his job. They put up with him, so he could not tell anyone about the job he is to do. Usually he works for all day. But this time, it is personal. He has got a contract. With Jericho for the duration. They pay him well for his skills and he will fulfill his contract. He does not talk much. When he does, he means what he says. He is dangerous. he is dependable. He is smart. He does not like being conned. If people play straight with him, he plays straight with them. He can be hard to read, concealing his true thoughts and emotions behind the mask he thinks is most appealing to the other people. It’s very hard to find out what he is thinking or feeling. He works hard to keep his feelings in check it is hard when he sees someone show fear. His talent for sensing trouble and fast thinking, an uncanny sense of calm has got him through varies hard situations so far in his career. His favorite pastimes are Martial Arts, Good Food and Collecting Ancient Firearms. His eye and hand coordination are exceptional and has a reputation being ambidextrous. His mental strength is extraordinary. What he tells people about his job is solitude is his constant companion. Among some of the deadliest sentient beings in the land, the Exploration Scout are an extremely elitist crowd. Many have bragged that it sometimes takes an entire team to do what a Exploration Scout can with one look. However, when Exploration Scout gets to the shower unit, he has done his job. He has now got involved in the dragon handler program and now deals with dragon problems


Samuel Vane had a hard time fitting in around other kids. His traits seemed above almost arrogant to the other children and they bulled him for it. After several fights he soon gained their respect and their friendship for his spirit of no surrender. His parents made sure he got best teaching a person could get. They went out of their way to bring teachers to give him privet lessons. With the extensive teachings he had as a youth fallowed a man and learn to join the military. Samuel davenport took every chance he could to train with the military.

Player Notes

was trained in the Military specialist when he qualified for the Jericho program was trained as a pilot.

Call Sign: Wrecker

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Image of Samuel Davenport
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