Image of Jerico Dragon Tempest

Summary: Tempest I am the Storm, Samuel`s Dragon

Jerico Dragon Tempest

Gender: Female

Age: 10 years

Group: Dragons

Planet of Origin

Planet Jericho


Military and Reconnaissance and several other trained tasks
Jerichos military Dragons can find illicit drugs, sniff out and find bombs and IEDs (improvised explosive devices), search out and find enemy combatants. They’re almost all trained at the Joint Base Jericho as part of the Military Working Dragon Program (MWD). The military has been training their Dragons there since the last two years.

dragons are commonly used and has proven to be one of the most outstanding working companions used in military service. The vast majority of military working dragons are razed in a strict environment, where they have been training dragons for military purposes for years of years. But because of the uptick in operational tempo as well as the demand, the training programs in at Jericho are flourishing. The dragons must exhibit focused, aggressive behavior, with a heightened sense of smell and a strong desire to work for reward before they are assigned to operators worldwide.


Military working dragon

Physical Appearance

Tempest, legendary dragon usually conceived as a huge, leathery-winged, scaly military machine with a barbed tail with some spikes and horns. It has four legs with two wings with nasty claws. The dragon's body is completely covered with tough black colored scales. Tempests thick scales are equal to half inch steel. The thickness of it scales allow it to fly at speeds up to 125mph or ground speed of 30mph. Tempest can dive at 200 mph. Without rider a short burst of 150 mph strait line. With rider or some weight. It’s are slowed to about 100 mph. Tempest have known to cruse or sore at 75 mph. Tempest weighs about 3000 pounds and is 110 feet long. Its wingspan is 100 feet making Tempest a sky hunter. Its long heavy muscled body is a contender to any dragon out there in air to air combat.

Personality and interests

In any given situation, the Tempest knows what must be done and does it, ruthlessly and efficiently. The dragon takes only calculated risks and is never foolhardy. Tempest is suitable getting the job done when another dragons wont. It never suffers from having to do the right thing on a mission it will do the required thing. Tempest will protect Samuel to the death. In combat it prefers to weigh the odds before committing to combat, considering weaknesses and opportunities that may be exploited to best advantage. Once engaged, it will fight to eliminate his opponents as quickly as possible, by any means, however ruthless or underhanded. Tempest can be gruff and taciturn, or Tempest may be more open, even happy and gregarious. In negotiation, it pushes for the best deal, but tempest also knows when it has achieved all she can.

loves fish and beef most likes something close to armadillos


tempest and Davenport have been training together for over 2 years now and are a close unit in operations. Davenport has trained Tempest in many military tasks and others tasks as well. It was really by chants they met but in the end Davenport now has a nasty scar from the experience in his right leg.

Player Notes/Dragon Abilities

Tempest bite is unusual because of its saliva. It`s blood has a vary her acid content they think with this dragon it uses its saliva to help break down hard shells or other things its bits. So, when you are bitten by Tempest you get poised and an acid burns sometimes up to a third-degree burn. That’s why Davenports injury by Tempest was so severe. Tempest has been known to spit its poison acid up to 75 feet. Tempest possesses postsynaptic neurotoxic venom. The venom may also consist of cardiotoxins and cytotoxins. The venom of the Tempest exhibited the common characteristic enzymatic activities of Asiatic spitting Dragon venoms: low protease, phosphodiesterase, alkaline phosphomonoesterase and L-amino-acid oxidase activities, moderately high acetylcholinesterase and hyaluronidase activities and high phospholipase A2. Cardiotoxins represented 40% of the dragon’s venom protein and vary corrosive with Sufluric and Hydrofluoric acid compounds in the poison.

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Image of Jerico Dragon Tempest
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