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Summary: Building Better Worlds

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Group: Mega-Corps

Planet of Origin

Most originate from the Central Systems planets, mainly Earth, Mars, and various moons around the Jovian planets.


Multinational Corporations with various interests ranging from interstellar trade, exploration and mining to medical technology and weapons manufacturing.



Physical Appearance

If they did have one it'd no doubt look like a Lovecraftian abomination with logos plastered onto it.

Personality and interests

Typical of most mega-corporations with political ties and shady business practices, they're often over-powered and over-confident in their superiority to the point of lunacy and/or idiocy. A main reason why a lot of people came to Jericho in the first place was to get away from the nigh-totalitarian rule of the various corporations that rule the Central Systems.

And it's due to Jericho's remote and backwater quality that some of these corporations desire to purchase land to run their own illicit research programs under the guise of supporting colonial expansion. The Jericho Council is leery of most mega-corps and has the Dragoon keep a close eye on the companies they've allowed to operate on the planet.


Too long and sordid to tell.

Player Notes/Dragon Abilities

Various companies have brokered deals with the Jericho Council to operate their own settlements and trade with Jericho's Landing and other colonies. These deals are strict, as the Council is leery of their motives, however the Council is also aware of the benefits these companies can bring to the people of Jericho. Typically in the form of valuable resources that the planet simply doesn't have. Not to mention most companies have their own Private Military Contractors who typically share an interest in keeping the peace.

Relations between local Jericho colonists and employees of various mega-corps are strained somewhat due to the lack of trust.

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