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Summary: Integrity

Hammond Industries

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Group: Mega-Corps

Planet of Origin



Colonial Development
Prefab Colony Structures
Service Robotics
Interstellar Mining



Physical Appearance

Main Office is a modestly sized skyscraper on Europa

Personality and interests

Hammond's motto has always been "Integrity." As such, it is one of the very few corporations in the verse that operates with a level of ethics in place. This may also be due to it being one of the smaller companies and as such, is incapable of affording the cost of more illicit operations and the potential hazards therein.


The company was founded by Samuel Hammond in 2135, starting out as a manufacturer of solar cells before branching out into colonial development and quickly became one of the major companies on Europa in that time. They were ranked 4th on the list of "most promising companies" by Interstellar Trading Monthly.

They were one of the first companies to petition the Jericho Council for rights to operate on Jericho and have the honor of being the longest lasting company on the planet. Providing Jericho's Landing and other colonies on the planet with resources and materials from Central Space as well as operating the water reclamation operation in Jericho's solar system. Harvesting water ice from the asteroid belt to supplement Jericho's meek water supply.

Player Notes/Dragon Abilities

Probably the only "good" company in the entire verse, if only because they are too cheap to try and cover up illicit operations.


Has an office in Jericho's Landing and exclusive mining rights to certain areas on the planet as well as a water reclaiming operation in the solar system.

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