Image of Jericho Dragon Dastan

Summary: Anna's dragon

Jericho Dragon Dastan

Gender: Male

Age: 4 years

Group: Dragons

Planet of Origin



Dragoon companion and mount



Physical Appearance

Cotton Mouth Dragon with a grayish green scales and a lighter underbelly.

Personality and interests

Dastan is surprisingly mellow for a young male dragon. Not much bothers him and he tends to keep to himself whenever in The Eyrie.

Has a bit of an independent streak to him, sometimes playfully ignoring Anna's commands when he can get away with it. Hence his nickname "Shithead."


Anna was given his egg by The Eyrie's dragon keepers as part of her initiation. She raised him from a pup and he quickly took to her. Granting her the bite to initiate the bond at a surprisingly early age. Since then he's been fiercely loyal to Anna.

Player Notes

None available.



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Image of Jericho Dragon Dastan
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