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Summary: An old, but trustworthy, jet cycle.


Gender: N/A

Age: N/A

Group: Weapons, Technology, And Vehicles

Planet of Origin

Manufactured on Mars


Single-person repulsor-lift vehicle


D-386 Jet Cycle
Often called the "Sand Skimmer"

Physical Appearance

Looks like a blocky motor-bike with no wheels.

Personality and interests



Originally developed as a recreational vehicle by the Harakert Electromotive Company on Mars, the D-386 saw many race tracks on the rusty deserts of the red planet and was one of Harakert's most famous models.

Its popularity saw an influx of both commercial and private purchases. It's repulsor-lift technology allowed it to traverse any terrain, resulting in it becoming popular with planetary survey teams as single-person survey excursions used the vehicle to travel across alien worlds.

While now considered obsolete by current jet-bike designs it the model is still a common sight on various planets.

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Image of D-386
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