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Summary: A technical genius and ally of the Dragoon

Hilda Sinclair

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: Colonists/Colonial Military/Other

Planet of Origin



Cybernetics and Robotics Expert


Known to some as "Heavy Metal Hilda" due to her skills as an engineer and her exoskeleton which she uses to walk.

Physical Appearance

A young woman with short blonde hair often wearing mechanic's overalls and covered in grease.

Has a pair of exoskeletal legs which allow her to walk.

Personality and interests

Cheery and a bit snarky, Hilda is a wiz at technology and is usually the go to tech expert for the Dragoon. She's provided them with much of their useful gadgets and machinery.


Born on the colony world of Miranda, she was sent to live on Jericho after her parents died. Her uncle was a colonist and engineer on Jericho and he took her in. However, her transport was attacked by a wild dragon and she became paralyzed from the waist down as a result of the crash.

Her uncle was quick to provide her with a set of robotic legs which allowed her to walk around his property on a preset rail system until they developed a more compact power source which granted her unlimited freedom.

Sadly, her uncle was killed by a gang of criminals when he refused to fix their engine and this spurred Hilda to take the law into her own hands, crafting a powerful exoskeleton with various weapons and gadgets to take down the criminals.

Though she put up a good fight, the gang was able to get the better of her in the end and it was only thanks to a passing Dragoon that she was saved the fate of her uncle. Though afraid of dragons after her accident she became grateful for the Dragoon and has since been their head tech expert, providing them a number of useful tools in the field.

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Image of Hilda Sinclair
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