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Summary: A law-enforcing medical doctor with mothering instincts

Dr. Maxine Brennan

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Gender: Female

Age: 35

Group: Dragoon

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Dragoon Peace Keeper. Medical Doctor.



Physical Appearance

Maxine is a slightly chubby woman (she prefers to think of herself as ‘matronly’), about 5’6”, with dark blue eyes and slightly upturned nose. Her dark brown hair has a bit of a curl toward the ends and reaches the nape of her neck. Despite her plump appearance, Maxine is actually in fairly good shape and surprisingly fast and agile.

Personality and interests

Maxine is a dedicated combat medic, willing to risk her life to rescue a patient from danger. And those that have assumed that she cannot handle herself are quick to amend that evaluation, especially if they fall victim to her right cross.

She is also a dedicated wife and mother. Her husband Brian worries about her safety as Dragoon, but knows that he’d never be able to talk her out of the job she loves, while her 9-year old son Chase is thrilled to know that not only does his mother save lives, but she’s a cop as well. It doesn’t hurt that Chase gets along surprisingly well with Maxine’s dragon, Crash, who sees Chase as almost a little brother.


Maxine Brennan is the daughter of a wealthy family of colonists that left to settle Jericho. Except that she did not come with them at the time of the initial settling. There were two reasons for this. First, she was completing medical school at the time. The second was that she was going through a difficult pregnancy and was advised not to risk the flight. Thankfully, she was able to complete her courses before she gave birth; complications from Chase’s birth kept her bed-ridden for a couple of months. In addition, even after recovering, she had to wait for an opportunity to catch another colony ship.
During that wait, she found out about the dragons that had been discovered on Jericho, and later tamed. She found them fascinating and kept abreast of all the information she could gather. When the Dragoons were established, she noticed that one of the things they seemed to lack was a dedicated medic. Most Dragoons had at least some first aid training, but as far as she had determined, none of them could handle any serious injuries, either among their own or those they protected.
When she and her family arrived on Jericho, one of her first stops was a Dragoon recruitment center, where she coolly and rationally pleaded her case. The recruiter was originally somewhat doubtful about how good an idea it was to have a full-fledged doctor as a Dragoon. However, two events changed his mind.
First, she challenged him to a fight, right there in the recruitment center. After recovering from the initial shock of her boldness, he accepted, but decided to simply go easy on her. His underestimation of her turned out to be a mistake. She had predicted that he would be reluctant to try to truly harm her. That left him vulnerable to a rather quick series of jabs to vulnerable parts and a rather devious shoulder joint lock which all but paralyzed him in a matter of seconds. When he struggled to free himself, she intentionally dislocated his shoulder with a minimum of pressure.
Then the second event occurred. Moments after dislocating his shoulder, she popped it back into place and treated his injury with a speed and efficiency that surprised everyone. Though sore, the recruiter had the use of his shoulder within minutes after it originally being injured. Everyone that witnessed the incident learned that it was a very bad idea to underestimate a doctor who had been trained in Aikido since childhood, especially since she could draw on that medical knowledge to know exactly where to put pressure and just how much would be needed to disable an attacker. He signed her up on the spot.
She made it through training and then the bonding ritual and took to naming her dragon Crash, as in ‘Crash Cart’. Maxine was offered a commission that took her degree into account, but she turned it down. She considers sergeant where she needs to be, with enough authority to get people to listen to her in an emergency, but without the headache of actually being expected to lead others beyond a certain amount.

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