Image of The Crimson Queen

Summary: The Queen In Crimson, Scourge of Jericho

The Crimson Queen

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Group: Outlaws

Planet of Origin



Criminal Mastermind


Also known as:
The Queen In Crimson

Physical Appearance

Not much is known about The Queen's physical appearance. Some reports claim she is hauntingly beautiful with long red hair while others claim she had black hair and is covered in horrific scars and missing her left eye.

The fact that her true appearance is unknown with wildly different reports suggests she spreads misinformation intentionally to keep the authorities from identifying her. About the only thing people can agree on is that she's a woman.

Personality and interests

One thing is certain about The Crimson Queen. She is cruel and revels in spreading pain and misery as far as she can reach. There is no line she is unwilling to cross, no crime she is unwilling to commit. Should it please her, she does it.

Beyond causing chaos, she seems interested in building her criminal empire, though it seems both goals complement one another.


The Queen's origins are a mystery. Her first appearance was apparently leading a gang raiding caravans and smaller settlements until escalating to larger crimes.

In just a few short years she quickly usurped power from other criminal syndicates, either wiping them out or assimilating them into her own. She is now regarded as the most dangerous individual on the entire planet.

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Image of The Crimson Queen
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