Image of The Crimson Kingdom

Summary: The Largest Criminal Empire On Jericho

The Crimson Kingdom

Gender: N/A

Age: 15 Years

Group: Criminal Organizations

Planet of Origin



Illegal Arms Dealing
Drug manufacturing/Smuggling



Physical Appearance


Personality and interests

Member of The Crimson Kingdom are some of the most wretched criminals known to exist. Slavers, rapists, raiders and murderers. And at the top the Queen of Pain herself, The Crimson Queen. Their business is pain and chaos, and business is booming.


It is believed the organization began as a small gang led by The Crimson Queen that soon grew into the massive criminal empire that it is today. Over the years the Kingdom systematically overthrew or assimilated all the major criminal syndicates, aside from The Syndicate who continues to fight to keep their territory, and now dominates all criminal activity on the planet.

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Image of The Crimson Kingdom
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