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Summary: Your local pilot.

Kalel Lamkin

Gender: Male

Age: 30

Group: Colonists/Colonial Military/Other

Planet of Origin

Ander Noda Prime





Physical Appearance

Adam has black hair and gray-blue eyes. His skin is tanned. He has a smile that lights up his face. He normally wears a multicolored hat to cover his head. His clothing is normally dusty and slightly faded. He carries an Arabian dagger and a side arm.

Personality and interests

Kalel is a personable guy. He liked a good story and joke. When he is working he is serious about what he is doing. To say the least, he has a love-hate relationship with the Dragons. He loves them because they are good for his scavenging business and hates them because they stranded him on this colony. He found that he likes the challenge of building a new life.

Kalel was trained as a pilot and believes he can fly anything with wings, except for things that may possibly eat you. His has a natural affinity for building things and scavenging.


Kalel was trained to be a corporate transport pilot and was moving supplies to the colony when wild dragons attacked his craft downing it.

Player Notes

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Image of Kalel Lamkin
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