Image of AI-36 Autonomous Infantry Platform

Summary: Automated Infantry Unit

AI-36 Autonomous Infantry Platform

Gender: N/A

Age: N/A

Group: Weapons, Technology, And Vehicles

Planet of Origin

Developed on Mars by the Citra Corporation


Automated Infantry for use in hazardous combat conditions and as support units for human infantry units.

Commonly linked with the Central Systems Colonial Military (CSCM)

Many units however had been illegally sold out to mercenary teams and even criminal organizations.


Autonomous Infantry Model 36

Often called "Walkers."

Physical Appearance

A typical walker stands at a little over two meters tall and has a vaguely humanoid appearance. It is typically fitted with light armor plating capable of stopping light armor piercing rounds, though some have been upgraded with heavier armor.

Personality and interests



Developed for the Central Systems Colonial Military by the Citra Corporation, the AI-36 platform has seen combat on almost every world the CSCM has operated on. Often considered a reliable automated infantry unit, it was given numerous awards for its rugged design and impressive capabilities as a support unit.

It's a common fixture at a number of colonial outposts and military bases.

Unfortunately a number of units have fallen into the hands of criminals over the years, serving as expendable foot soldiers and security for various crime organizations and syndicates.

Player Notes/Dragon Abilities

This character is considered an NPC and can be used by all players.

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Image of AI-36 Autonomous Infantry Platform
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